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Why attending the conference as a speaker ?

- Networking opportunities with experts along the Plastic value chain.

- Discover promising researches and/or vision about plastic future.

- Opportunity to present your future strategy about plastic.

- Promote your vision and/or products according to the 4 topics that will be discussed.

Prof. Philippe DUBOIS

Position: Rector at MONS UNIVERSITY (Belgium)

Speech title: Welcome speech


Prof. Alfonso JIMENEZ

Position: Professor at UNIVERSIDAD DE ALICANTE (Spain)

Speech title: The bio is the polymer of tomorrow


Position: Professor at FRAUNHOFER IVV (Germany)

Speech title: New Processes for recycling plastics

Speech description: The presentation will cover the CreaSolv®Process (CreaSolv® is a registered trademark of the Creacycle GmbH, Grevenbroich, Germany).

CreaSolv® is the name of a family of processes which are based on the application of safe CreaSolv® Solvents and which are considered to produce high quality recycled products from challenging plastic waste fractions including WEEE, ELV, textiles, composites and packaging. The presentation will elaborate high the efficient cleaning potential of the process effectively yields pure recycled polymers free of contaminants and legacy additives.

Prof. Ramani NARAYAN

Position: Professor at MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY (United States)

Speech title: Plastic end-of-life management strategy - Contributing to sustainability and circularity

Speech description: Against the backdrop of growing concerns about plastics waste, especially microplastics ocean pollution, new and improved approaches for managing plastic wastes are needed. These approaches should be in harmony with the “Circularity Model” of Ellen Macarthur Foundation. Biodegradability in managed disposal systems like composting (certified compostable plastics) offer an environmentally responsible end-of-life to plastics waste. However, “biodegradable” has become a much misused and hyped term with many misleading claims in the marketplace. This lecture will review the issues around biodegradability and compostability. The lecture will also briefly discuss chemical recycling as an approach for managing plastics ends-of-life.

Mr. Werner BOSMANS

Position: General Director Environment at EUROPEAN COMMISSION

Speech title: European strategy for plastics in a circular economy

Mr. Alain MARTY

Position: Scientific Director at CARBIOS (France)

Speech title: An industrial solution for infinite Bio-recycling of Plastics

Description speech: CARBIOS is interested to the end of life of plastics by providing solutions based on the use of enzymes. A first approach is to develop biodegradable plastics based on PLA (Poly Lactic acid) by including engineered enzymes (depolymerase with high thermostability to resist to the high melting T° of PLA, 170°C and activity) within the plastic matrix. The applications covered are bags, mulching films, disposable cutlery...

A second way is the recycling of PET bottles and textiles. Thanks to an enzyme that we have engineered, the PET is depolymerized into its 2 monomers, which once purified, can be repolymerized into PET that will allow to remake a bottle or a fiber.


Position: Technical and supply chain at COCA COLA Western Europe (Belgium)

Speech title: How can we collect 100% of our plastic packaging and contribute to a sustainable circular economy?



Position: Professor at KTH ROYAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (Sweden)

Speech title: Is the future of polymer sustainable?

Speech description: What is a sustainable polymer of the future: Degradable, biobased and/or recyclable, and through what recycling route? Ideas of designing from recycled, new materials and polymer additives from bio- or petroleum-based polymer waste.

Dr. Sicco DE VOS

Position: Corporate Scientist Polymer Technology at CORBION (The Netherlands)

Speech title: Latest developments in Corbion’s FDCA and PEF for sustainable biobased plastics

Mr. Pierre ECHARD

Position: Environmental Officer at PRINCE-WEISS (Belgium)

Speech title: Panel participant (REDUCE)

Mr. Marc DU BOIS

Position: CEO at SPADEL (Belgium)

Speech title: Panel participant (Closing panel)

Mr. Franck LECOMTE

Position: Country Director UK, Head of Digital, innovation & CSR at SPADEL (Belgium)

Speech title: Panel participant (RECYCLE 2)


Position: Co-founder at SWOB (Belgium)

Speech title: Panel participant (REDUCE)

Mrs. Christine LÉVÊQUE

Position: Director Business Innovation at SUEZ BENELUX - GERMANY

Speech: Panel participant (RECYCLE 1)

Dr. Isabelle YDENS

Position: Technical and Marketing Manager at TOTAL

Speech: Panel participant (RECYCLE 2)


Position: Director project at COCA COLA Belgium (Belgium)

Speech title: Panel participant (RECYCLE 1)


Position: Project Manager at ZEROWASTE BELGIUM

Speech: Panel participant (REDUCE)



Position: Chair Circular Economy and Urban Metabolism at UNIVERSITE LIBRE DE BRUXELLES

Speech: Panel participant (REDUCE)

Mrs. Justine MAILLOT

Position: EU affairs officer at SURFIRDER FOUNDATION and RETHINK PLASTIC

Speech: Panel participant (REDUCE)

Mrs. Muriel ZIELONKA

Position: Marketing & Communication Manager at FÄRM

Speech: Panel participant (REDUCE)

Mr. Nicolas EGRI

Position: Packaging Engineer and Prevention Manager at FOST PLUS

Speech: Panel participant (RECYCLE 1)

Mr. Grégoire HUPIN

Position: Co-founder of BEL ALBATROS

Speech: Panel participant (RECYCLE 1)

Mr. Nicolas STEISEL

Position: Co-founder & CEO at EXKI

Speech: Panel participant (RECYCLE 2)


Position: Packaging & Environment Manager at DANONE

Speech: Panel participant (RECYCLE 2)

Mr. Philippe LEEMANS

Position: Managing director at SABERT Europe

Speech: Panel participant (RECYCLE 2)

Mr. Thomas GODROID

Position: Scientific leader at MATERIA NOVA

Speech: Panel participant (REINVENT)

Mr. Bruno DE WILDE

Position: Lab Manager at ORGANIC WASTE SYSTEMS

Speech: Panel participant (REINVENT)

Mrs. Caroline DECAMPS

Position: CEO at IDEA

Speech: Panel participant (Closing panel)

Mr. Merijn TINGA

Position: Co-founder of PLASTIC SOUP SURFER

Speech: Panel participant (Closing panel)

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